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Understanding Content Marketing

by | Ideas

Aug 7, 2020

If you know your way around digital marketing, you must have heard a few things about content marketing. As you may already know, digital marketing is extensive. It encompasses a lot of marketing methods. Content marketing is one of them. So, this article will help you fully understand content marketing.

So, what exactly is content marketing? According to a post on Forbes, It is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience. With the main objective of driving profitable customer action.

Just in case that wasn’t clear, allow me to explain. In simpler terms, content marketing is simply creating great content that draws the target audience. It is creating, publishing, and promoting unique content for marketing purposes regularly. But what exactly does this mean?

Let’s look at an example. If you have a website that focuses on cakes and pastries, you should create content about cakes and pastries. The content may be infographics, online blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, even pictures. Most importantly, it has to be unique and exciting. It also has to be Search Engine Optimized to rank high on search engines. Once whatever content you decide on has been created and published, it will be easier for your website to be found. Thanks to proper search engine optimization and the use of keywords.

All this will result in more link popularity, higher search engine ranking, and more traffic, which means increased conversion rates and more business for you.

There are so many businesses out there that make use of this digital marketing strategy. One of the more popular ones is Coca-Cola. Do you remember the “Share a coke with friends or family campaign?.” Most likely, you found your name on a coke bottle then. It is a prime example of content marketing. Coca-Cola created valuable content that was unique to individuals, and everyone went crazy for it. Who wouldn’t want their name on a coke?

The main aim of content marketing is to draw in the target audience through relevant content. As said earlier, there are various platforms to publish whatever content you may have. The most important thing to take from all this is to make sure that whatever content you are putting out there is unique, engaging, relevant, and, most importantly, search engine optimized.

Now that you understand the very basics of content marketing, how do you profit from it? That’s easy. Let’s use the first example again. You have a website that focuses on cakes and pastries, you’ve managed to create great content and are now generating traffic. Your next move should be converting that traffic into income.

For people to have visited your page, they’d have to show some sort of interest in the first place, right? Now you should be trying to funnel these people to purchase your cakes and pastries. It is easier said than done.

The truth is that content marketing is challenging. Creating, publishing, and promoting unique and engaging content is not an easy task. But as with anything else, it requires a bit of time to master it fully. And it is definitely worth the time. But just in case you are not ready to take it all on by yourself, contact us for more information. We’ll help you create and curate relevant and valuable content.


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